Poker Tournaments Guide

Poker Tournaments

A poker tournament is a set of multiple poker games, usually from the same particular style. Poker tournaments are very popular among players who want to enhance their playing experiences.

poker tournaments

There different kinds of tournaments, the most popular are:

  • Sit and Go Table tournaments with 6-10 players, they are usually the fastest types of tournaments.
  • Freeroll – Usually multiple tabled tournaments. There’s no entry fee and you can join it if you register on time.
  • Guaranteed – Multiple tabled tournaments where the prize is guaranteed to be a specific amount of money. Guaranteed tournaments usually have between 50 to 1000 players.

In tournaments where you have to pay an entry fee, there’s a fixed fee (called the buy-in) that the player has to pay. In most tournaments you start with a sum of money in your bankroll, represented by chips and you cannot buy more chips during the games. What you start with is what you have to work with. Other tournaments offer the chance to re-buy more chips during the games, usually for players low on chips.

The prizes for the tournaments are usually derived from the entry fees that the players paid or contributed by the tournament sponsor. The winner of the tournament is the last player that remains unbeaten while all the other players are eliminated.

There’s also a possible situation where the tournament will end by mutual consensus of the remaining players instead of taking the risk to lose their money.

There are two kinds of prizes:

Fixed- A predefined sum of money that will go to the winners in the tournaments.

Propotional – Payouts will be determined according to a based scale of percentages determined by the number of participants and the buy-ins.

There are many poker tournaments held around the world each year. But the major poker tournaments are:

  • World Series of Poker
  • World Poker Tour
  • Professional Poker Tour
  • Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament
  • European Poker Tour
  • World Heads-Up Poker Championship

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