Poker Tells

Poker Play Tells

A poker tell is some sort of a reaction or behavior that poker players can gather information from. Good experienced poker players can use this information for their bets and although poker tells are not an exact science; a player who can read them wisely can have an advantage over the other players in the game.

Poker tells

Common Poker Tells

Here’s a list of the most common poker tells that you should notice:

  • The Face reveals lots of information about the player’s hand. Take a look at a person’s face and see how he reacts to different situations in the game. Some players cannot look at the other players straight in the eye when they have a really good hand.
    Other things that you should look for in your opponent’s face are all sorts of facial ‘tics’, smiles, expressions of obvious happiness or signs of nervousness.
  • The player’s body can give an experienced tells reader lots of information too. You should look especially for signs of anxiety like all sorts of physical changes, sweating, discomfort, eye pupil dilation, trembling hands, flexing of specific muscles and other changes in behavior and body situation.
  • Another thing that you should notice is the way the player is situated and organized on the table. Look for specific ways players stack their chips, how they hold their cards when they have good hands and how they do it when they have bad hands. Look for repetitive betting patterns and changes in the body posture.

You must remember that those tells are important for a successful poker gaming session, but don’t trust them too much, because good players know how to control their tells and to fool you.

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