Nevada May Allow Cashless Payments Without In-person Verification

Nevada Gaming Regulators were recently asked to change state gaming laws to enable cashless payments at casinos without the need for in-person verification. This request does not include horse racing or sports betting.

Cashless Payments without In-person Verification

Nevada allows cashless payments at casinos for slots and table games, but players must show up in person and go through approval processes before they can make cashless transactions. The goal is to allow patrons to complete their verification process online or through a mobile app, get approval, and then be able to use cashless payments for all their casino needs.

Payment providers who offer cashless gaming have petitioned the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) to change current laws that prevent online verification for land-based players. They pointed out that online casino players can complete their verification online or through a mobile app and play from home, but land-based players cannot. This creates an unfair difference in verification processes for online and land-based players.

FinCen Recognizes Need for Amendment

During the recent opening of Resorts World Las Vegas, patrons had to wait in long lines to be verified by a casino employee and approved for cashless payments. To eliminate this outdated process, the NGC was urged to make an amendment that gives land-based players the same privileges as online players, allowing them to get verified online.

Jennifer Carleton, legal representative for Sightline Payments, which provides cashless payment facilities, told the NGC that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) recognizes the need for the amendment to be made. She stated that SightlinePayments submitted a petition in September 2020 to the NGC asking for the change in gaming laws.

The NGC is expected to make a decision on this matter in the near future.

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