Video Poker Strategy and Tips

Video Poker Strategy

One of the things that make video poker so popular is the ability to use strategy in addition to the luck factor of the game. Video poker strategy can give you better winning advantages and increase your chances to win.

video poker strategy

It’s important to remember that each video poker game has its own strategy but there are some common considerations that apply to all the video poker games, whether it’s Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild.

Strategy Cards

video poker strategy card example

Since there are so many video poker variations, you cannot learn it all by heart and you must use other help, like strategy cards for example.

Strategy cards show you the correct way to play each hand according to the specific video poker variation that you are playing. Obviously, you cannot show up in the casino with all your strategy cards, but it is quite helpful if you are playing in an online casino or poker room.

Strategy cards aren’t promising you 100% success, but they give you a statistical analysis of the situation in each variant of video poker and they advice you about the best moves: when to discard, what to discard, when to hold and what to hold.


Like we wrote before, you cannot attend a real land-based casino with your strategy cards so the best thing to do is to download online video poker games and to start practicing at home.

You can find strategy cards in almost every video poker site online. Download them, print them and try to use them while playing at home.

The basic usage of the cards is pretty simple, all you have to do is to compare the hand that you got to the details and statistics on the card (according to the video poker variant that you’re playing of course) and then to decide whether to discard or hold your cards. Again, this will not promise you a royal flush in each hand, but it will definitely increase your chances to win.

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