Understanding The House Edge

Casino House Edge

The house edge is actually the casino’s average profit from the money that the player bets on. Different casino games have different house edge.

house edge

Below You can find the list with different house edges that each popular casino game has.

It’s important to remember that the house edge is usually very low, because the casino makes just enough money from that. The casinos don’t want to dry you out of money so they give the player an almost even game, in most of the popular casino games.

House Edge Info

There are few important rules that you must consider before playing. The first one is that the smaller the house edge is, the more likely the player wins. Another important thing that must be considered is that the highest the house edge is, the less time the player’s money will last.

How to increase your chances to win more money

There are few guidelines that can help you with your strategy. Keep those in mind when you plan your casino gaming session and you’ll have more chances to earn more money:

Prefer games with small house edge. Some of those games include crap, baccarat and blackjack. You’ll find a list on the next page.

Prefer to bet less. The more bets a player makes, the more he’s exposed to the house edge.

Before you start playing, make sure that you know the best strategy for those games. The house edge can change if you know how to play particular games.

Use comp points. The more time you play the more comps you’ll receive. You it and take advantage of the freebies that the casino offers you. As Always, learn when to quit your game!

House Edge List

As we explained in the previous page, different games have different house edge list. Here is a house edge list that can assist you in your casino experience. We assume that you are familiar with the proper strategies and that you know the basic tactics for a smart game. If this is correct, the house edge can be even lower than states.

The GameHouse EdgeMaximum PayoffBlackjack0.5%1.5 to 1Video Poker0.5-5%800 to 1Baccarat1.06%1 to 1Slots0-17%5,000 to 1Craps0.8%2 to 1Keno25%+thousands to 1

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