Tips to Increase your Chances at Keno

Keno Tips

Without breaking the law this is a very hard game to influence. Winning this game is mostly based on luck and some smart thinking. There are some keno tips that can help you improve your chances of winning some money playing Keno.

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The Keno computer uses several complex algorithms to make sure that every game is truly randomly generated and that there is never a pattern for someone to figure out.

One good idea is that you should pick your numbers and continue to play them, with the passing of every game the odds of your numbers coming out increase slightly, and most Keno games will have payouts even if you do not get all the numbers. This means if you are playing a game where you have to pick 10 numbers out of 100 you may bet a payout for every number you match with the computer over 5 numbers, and some games have a small payout for no matched numbers.

If you are playing 7 number Keno, try picking 1,2,3,10,11 and any 2 random numbers. By selecting these numbers and varying your choices slightly you will probably get 5/7 pretty fast.

This next tip is more a way to keep any money u win in your pocket and out of the tax mans pockets then a Keno Tip. You are allowed to win before the casino must inform the IRS, so do not play games that will win you more money then you are allowed to win tax free, unless you are willing to share whatever you win.

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