Roulette Strategy and Tips

Roulette Tips

Whether you are an experienced roulette player or new to this game, listening to advices and gathering tips and strategies from other players is a perfect way to improve your game.

We collected some useful advices and roulette tips from our site’s visitors and we hope that they will help your game.


Roulette is quite an easy game and learning roulette strategy should not take too much of your time. The most important thing is to find a good playing strategy, one that could optimize your game and your winnings. This is why so many people suggested systems, which are usually based on math, which could optimize the bets and the winnings. You might have heard of systems like the Martingale system or the d’Alembert system, they both use mathematic methods in order to give your more chances to win at roulette, but for those of you who don’t want to make this game complicated by learning those systems, we offer a very simple gaming strategy: Aim to win!

Finding a good winning system

Systems are supposed to give you an edge, but they cannot promise you to win every time. A good system will give you more chances to reach realistic goals, to reduce your money losses and to control your winnings in order not to ‘upset’ the casino.

Most systems are aimed to bring you more money prizes in less winning spins, but in order to do it right, you have to learn about mathematic probability in order to control and moderate your bets correctly.

Another good advice is to fight the common misconception about roulette. For example, most people tend to attribute the roulette wheel some sort of a “memory”, and this is why they will assume that after a strike of reds, the ball will probably land on a black. But this is a misconception since the wheel is spinning and stopping in a random way, and there are no specific presumptions about where and when it will stop.

Some good tips

It may sound a bit irrational, but a very good tip is to stop playing if you don’t feel that it is your lucky day. Just decide when is the best time to quit and don’t keep on playing even if you feel like your luck is about the change. Roulette has a very small place for strategy when it comes to the game itself, so the strategy must concentrate on game planning, and this is why it’s very important to know when to quit.

Probability is definitely something that has to be taken into account, but never rely only on probability. Use it only to make assessments and future planning.

The best strategy is to win more money in fewer winning spins.

Don’t be influenced by previous results. The roulette wheel has got not memory, so don’t bet according to the previous results of the game.

Remember than in any case, the casino will always have a mathematical advantage on you. Don’t try to challenge it, if you win, start thinking about quitting.

There is no conclusive mathematical system to guess the result of the roulette. The wheel lands randomly and you cannot change it, no matter how elaborate and unique your system is.

Be wise in your bets. Do not bet against yourself. If you place more than one bet on different numbers, place them in a smart manner, where it is possible to win them all, if the chosen number is hit.

The three worst human qualities and emotions that a gambler can have are: fear, greed and stupidity. You will never win if you’ll bring these with you to the casino.

Roulette games in virtual casinos and land based casinos are just the same, but if you are a player that gets affected easily by the crowd around you, stick to online casinos.

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