In the Land-Based Casino – Short Guide

Land Based Casino

When you’ll enter a land-based casino for the first time, you’ll probably feel a bit confused. If you’re not accompanied by a person who knows what to do, where to go to and when to do everything, you need a guide that will explain to you, what there is to find in the casino and how to approach the games.

land-based casino interior

Here is our land-based casino guide for the most important things that you need to know about the casino:

The Cashier

There is only one cashier area in each casino. Most people also call it “the cage”, but it looks like a row of windows in which you can exchange your cash with coins or chips. Another thing that you can do in the cage is to set up a credit line that will allow you to get chips only by singing a marker, without the need to carry large sums of money with you throughout you visit in the casino.

Change Booths

You can find change booths all around the casino. In those booths you can change cash with coins and coins with cash only. You cannot buy chips or exchange chips with money in the change booths, only in the main cashier. This is why change booths are typically only located in the areas where the video poker and the slot machines are.


land-based casino attendants

There are also special cash-to-coin attendants in which you can exchange your cash money with coins. You cannot exchange coins and receive cash money in it though. The attendants are usually located in the middle of a large carousel of machines.

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