Gambling and Casino Superstitions

Gambling Superstitions

Since luck plays such a big roll in gambling, it is only natural that this field of entertainment will attract different kinds of superstitions.

gambling superstitions

Superstitions are defined as beliefs or practices that result from ignorance or fear of the unknown. Superstitions are false conception of causation, and can you think of a better place for superstitions to grown in then in a casino?

The casino is the perfect venue for superstitions, folklore and mythology. Almost every serious gambler has superstitions, because it is very easy to upset lady luck.

If gambling is just a form of entertainment for you, and making money is not part of the deal, as you concerned, then believing in gambling superstitions won’t interest you. But if you are a player who wants to do ANYTHING that you can in order to win the game, learning the playing strategies is not enough; you’ll have to make sure that you’re following the correct superstitions!

Here is a short list of common superstitions that you might find players believing in:

  • Some players believe the entering and leaving the casino through the same door will bring you good luck. Others believe that it will bring you bad luck.
  • Many people believe that blowing on the dice before rolling will give you the best results. Others say that dropping a card during the game will bring bad luck for the card holder.
  • It’s quite common to hear players who claim that wearing black cloths is bad luck bringer. So don’t wear black shirts when you go out to the casino.
  • Some very rational players carry a lucky charm or omen when they go out to play. It can be a piece of clothing or some objects that brought you luck in the past.
  • Some players keep “known” lucky objects like: rabbit’s foot, horseshoe or four leaf clover.
  • Some players claim that if you play with someone else’s money, you have bigger chances to win. Others say that the whole point of gambling is earning your own sums, so playing with other’s money is ridiculous.
  • Players usually have their favorite poker table, or favorite sit next to a favorite table. Others have their favorite slot machine and their preferable dealer.

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